Communicating in good times and bad


We can:

  • Communicate on your behalf, and train you to communicate for yourself.
  • Defend you in a crisis, and train you and your people to do the same.
  • Help you test and exercise your crisis management and emergency response plans, or train you to do this for yourself.  (We can also help you prepare your plans from scratch.)

Objectivity is key to everything we do.  Without a ruthless approach to objectivity, it is impossible to communicate properly.

We have many years of experience in PR, public affairs, crisis management; emergency response planning, testing and exercising - and in passing on this expertise to our clients.

We have been helping individuals and businesses, governments and non-profits for over 30 years.



Latest Posts

When the ex-MP for Yeovil (home of Leonardo Helicopters, formerly Agusta Westland) launched into the British government’s seeming lack of support for helicopter manufacturing in the UK, one might have expected others within the sector to support his argument.  But three weeks
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Posted on : Thursday 12th July 2018

Desperately sad news that our friend and colleague Michael Nicholson OBE has died.  Michael had worked with us for many years, as part of our media training team, helping to teach people how to face journalists and TV cameras in good times and bad.
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Posted on : Tuesday 20th December 2016

A friend got in touch to brief me on his firm's Pouncer concept; a means of accurately delivering aid via small, single-use aircraft that have a life after they crash land. The craft is built from materials that can be used for shelter or burnt for warmth or cooking.
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Posted on : Tuesday 27th September 2016

We have become so used to technology keeping up with us and our own demands, that it is surprising to learn that only now has an aircraft manufacturer (Boeing designed luggage bins that reflect the current shorthaul air transport market. 
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Posted on : Monday 20th April 2015

The USA Today report “Safety Last: Lies and coverups mask roots of small-plane carnage” published on 19th June (
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Posted on : Thursday 26th June 2014

Helirussia 2014 gets in touch: 'Why language matter in trade shows?' — Andrew Healey (@andyhealey) May 1, 2014
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Posted on : Thursday 1st May 2014

It has been very difficult to identify clear objectives behind the Malaysian authorities’ handling of the MH370 crisis.  The only thing which this crisis management commentator can say with certainty, from a perspective grounded in Western PR and media culture, is that each and every utterance from the airline and from the Malaysian government
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Posted on : Monday 17th March 2014

The UK Ministry of Defence is looking for ideas on how best to preserve the last of the Royal Navy's Invincible Class aircraft carriers. We believe it could become a commercial heliport serving the City of London.
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Posted on : Thursday 23rd January 2014

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